Contact Data

Education & Qualifications

  • Qualified Member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI), English into Brazilian Portuguese

  • Accredited Member of the Brazilian Translators' Association (Abrates), English into Brazilian Portuguese

  • Bachelor's Degree in Modern Languages (English) from Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos, São Leopoldo, Brazil


  • Translation, editing, transcreation and original content writing

  • Software localisation, internationalisation and testing

  • Source languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Russian

  • Target language: Brazilian Portuguese


  • Football (soccer)

  • Business/finance

  • Economics

  • Education

  • Marketing/tourism

  • Videogames

  • Information technology

  • Game localisation

  • Politics/world affairs

Recent Work Experience

  • Brazilian Portuguese lead translator, editor and team coordinator for arguably the world's most popular football website. From September 2009 to November 2014, more than 100,000 words either translated or edited per month. Responsibilities also included selecting professionals suited for the job, as well as monitoring their work and dismissing any translators who do not perform according to the standards desired.

  • Copywriting services provided for a major consumer electronics brand as part of their marketing efforts in Brazil.

  • Weekly financial market reports and commentary for a major global asset management firm.

  • Transcreation and consultancy for a major software house as part of adapting and rewriting the whole in-game commentary for a football videogame. The title was released in Brazil in late 2010 and received critical acclaim.

  • Localisation of a hugely popular strategy game aimed at social networks, followed by testing and troubleshooting.

  • Localisation of a major football portal comprising the official websites of several top-class football players. The job also involved interviews, editing and writing of original material such as match reports and analyses.

  • Translation of a bimonthly volleyball magazine produced by the game's international governing body.

  • Hundreds of time-sensitive press releases translated for a media agency in over three years, in industries as diverse as IT, tourism, finance and the media.

  • Countless other translation jobs have been delivered for dozens of clients from numerous countries around the world over the past decade. Details can be provided upon request. Documents and subject matters have included agreements, formal correspondence, petitions, appeals and other documents related to sports law and resolution of disputes between football clubs, as well as resumes of football players and football-related websites; linguistic consultancy and written translations for leading football clubs, football players, and player agents; specification sheets, marketing material, correspondence, HR presentations, and institutional documents for a leading US-based computer manufacturer; financial statements and annual reports for different companies of varied sizes and industries; instruction manuals; documents concerning politics and social sciences; press releases in general; translations for a major betting website, most of them football match previews; Microsoft-related manuals and help files; marketing brochures for a large Swedish-based car manufacturer; a critical care nursing book; mechanical engineering instructions; a website devoted to the acquisition of a major European bank; technical manuals involving mechanical and electrical engineering; marketing material for a sportswear company; questionnaire answers given by Brazilian Portuguese respondents; a construction industry magazine; human resources documents; valve usage instructions; SAP-related training modules; brochures, websites and product specifications for a producer of language learning solutions, as well as many follow-up PR articles; transcription and subtitling of videos; a technology architecture management project; a monthly corporate news brochure; banking scripts, templates, correspondence and marketing texts; interface messages; diverse material related to a major football competition, including travel hints and player profiles; the official website of a major football competition; marketing brochures for a major global travel distribution system; healthcare questionnaires aimed at patients suffering from HIV/AIDS, erectile dysfunction and compulsive eating disorder; marketing copy assignments for a major cruise line; an online payments system; re-creation work involving adapting almost 100 tag lines for one of the world’s biggest sport apparel manufacturers; Excel files containing strings for a billing/banking software program; a weekly newsletter for a major multinational fund management company; reports for a multinational pharmaceutical company; documentation for an account management provider; a banking software program; monthly assessment reports for a US-based investment consulting firm; a marketing brochure for a suite of biometric technology products; and lengthy pharmaceutics study protocols; technical documents on geology and mining for a Canadian-based mining company.